Terms and Conditions


Welcome to NanoTech NetComs! We’re delighted to have you as part of our community. These terms and conditions are designed to outline the guidelines for using our services. Please take a moment to read through them carefully.

1. Ownership and Contract Terms

1.1 Equipment Ownership

  • All equipment provided remains the property of NanoTech NetComs until the end of your contract term.

1.2 Contract Commencement

  • Your contract starts when we activate your service, at our discretion. It continues until either party terminates it.

1.3 Termination

  • You can end the contract by providing us with one month’s written notice. Early termination may incur fees.
  • If the contract ends before the initial term, you are responsible for outstanding monthly payments.
  • We can also terminate services, and we reserve the right to adjust service fees.

2. Charges and Payments

2.1 Pricing

  • The charges you agree to are outlined in your service application. Prices may change unless you have a fixed-price agreement.

2.2 Payment Schedule

  • Services must be paid in advance.
  • Subscriptions are due on the 1st of each month and must be paid no later than the 7th.

2.3 Late Payment

  • If services aren’t paid in full after the 7th, we may suspend your account until outstanding fees are settled.
  • Preferred payment methods are cash, EFT, card, or debit order.

2.4 Suspension and Reconnection

  • When an account is suspended, you remain liable for services until the agreement period ends or termination notice is received.
  • We reserve the right to charge a R100 reconnection fee for suspended services.

3. Migrations and Transfers

3.1 Migrations

  • Migrations from other providers are accepted if the equipment meets our standards.
  • If your equipment doesn’t meet our requirements, you’ll need to replace it before migration.

3.2 Transfers

  • If you change premises, it’s your responsibility to inform us in writing and arrange the transfer.
  • All fees and costs for transfers, even when equipment remains our property, are your responsibility.

4. Invoicing

4.1 Invoice Proof

  • Invoices serve as proof of the amounts owed for our services and products.
  • Disputes regarding invoices, services, or products should be submitted in writing to us within 30 days of the invoice date.

4.2 Invoice Schedule

  • Monthly subscription invoices are generated on the 24th of each month for services in the following month.
  • It’s your responsibility to ensure you receive these invoices.

4.3 Payment Due Dates

  • Subscription invoices are due on the 1st of the month without exceptions. Other invoices are due within 7 days of generation.

4.4 Custom Payment Dates

  • If you prefer to pay subscriptions on a day other than the 1st, ensure your payment allows settlement on the due date.

5. Support and Weather

5.1 Support

  • We provide professional and diligent services.
  • We respond to fault reports for maintenance and repairs within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Any support requests beyond the scope of this contract will be subject to these terms and conditions.

5.2 Weather

  • Weather events like rain and wind can affect wireless links.
  • We’re not responsible for service loss due to weather events.

6. Warranty

6.1 Equipment Warranty

  • Equipment is protected by the manufacturer’s warranty against defects in accordance with industry standards.
  • This warranty does not cover theft, vandalism, or acts of nature.

6.2 Equipment Responsibility

  • You are responsible for equipment on loan or rental in case of theft, vandalism, or acts of nature causing permanent loss or destruction.
  • We are not liable for damage due to lightning, power surges, or natural disasters.

7. Breach and Jurisdiction

7.1 Breach

  • In the event of a breach of this agreement, the aggrieved party may give the defaulting party 7 days’ written notice to remedy the breach.
  • If the defaulting party fails to comply, the aggrieved party may cancel the agreement, claim immediate payment, or seek damages.

7.2 Jurisdiction

  • This agreement is subject to the jurisdiction of the South Gauteng High Court and governed by South African laws.

8. General

8.1 Electronic Record

  • An electronically scanned and stored version of this document serves as sufficient evidence of its existence, content, and signature.

8.2 Corporate Subscriber

  • If the subscriber is a corporate company or trust, the signatory on behalf of the subscriber acts as a surety and co-principal debtor for the subscriber’s obligations.

8.3 ISP Dependency

  • We are dependent on Fiber and High Sites, and we are not liable for downtime related to these factors.

8.4 Best Effort Services

  • All services are offered as a best-effort service unless otherwise specified. Services are subject to a Fair Usage Policy.

8.5 Weather Impact

  • Weather can influence the performance of fixed wireless services, and some services may not be available in all areas.

8.6 Equipment and Reselling

  • You are responsible for equipment and installation costs. Reselling services without our permission is prohibited.

8.7 P2P Services and Security

  • Peer-to-peer services, like Torrents, may be blocked due to security and copyright concerns.

8.8 Network Safeguard

  • We have systems in place to safeguard our network against viruses and cyber threats. Intrusion attempts may result in service denial.

Please read and understand these terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. Your use of our services signifies your agreement to these terms.